What if your life could be different?
what if you were just a few steps away from creating a life that made you excited to wake up each morning? 
A college degree + a good job = success, right? You have them both—only to find that the world’s version of extraordinary is a cage of debt, Monday dread, and the same thing day after day.
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What is Extraordinary?
To live an extraordinary life is to live outside the normal course of events.

We can’t live on autopilot. Events are to be navigated, leveraged, and even stood on, but they’re never to be bound to. 

You’ve been told: You’re too loud. You aren’t organized enough. You always have your head in the clouds. You are too ‘type A’. You talk too much. You talk too little. But the truth is…
You haven’t been given the ability to live an extraordinary life. Extraordinary is your compass to get you there.
Extraordinary is not another ‘self-help’ book where you read and feel good about yourself afterwards. It’s the knowledge and wisdom from working with thousands on their strengths, and then working with teams of high level executives to help them make their unique talents true skills.
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“Extraordinary is an invitation to escape the trap of the ordinary. Each point on Michael's compass to success invites us to move closer to our own extraordinary lives.”  
- Paul Allen, founder of Ancestry.com and CEO of Strengths, Inc.
“Michael creatively coaches you to understand, digest and utilize your strengths while developing meaningful, trusting relationships.” 
- Dwight Powery, national site director, Year Up
"Michael Dauphinee is making a massive impact through his uncanny ability to speak to the heart with an authentic voice. His words resonate with a refreshing approach and resounding relevance in a world that desperately needs to hear what he has to say."
- Damon Goddard, founder and director of AMPD Golf Performance
Introducing Extraordinary, the compass you were never given to live the life you have always wanted to live. 
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Inside Extraordinary, here are some of the amazing lessons you’ll learn for FREE..
  • ​You’ll learn - the difference between talent, purpose, and passion and why it matters for finding your true north.
  • ​You’ll learn how to align your identity so you understand how to achieve your ultimate goals in life.
  • ​You’ll learn how to shape your talents instead of scooping them out because you’ve been told they aren’t right. 
  • ​You’ll learn how finding a good fit for your life is more important than fixing what isn’t working,
  • ​How talent is what we do naturally and purpose is the application and refinement of our abilities
  • ​How finding your identity will help you keep your hope alive.
  • ​How one journey to Patagonia Chile with a private guide taught me how when someone believes in you, life can completely transform.
  • ​When people learn how to live out their identity, they live a more engaging, extraordinary, and fantastic life. 
  • ​How vision results from permission, but authority is the root of permission.
  • ​You’ll learn how to find life-changing relationships that help you live the life you were meant to live
  • ​You’ll understand how believing in your potential will change your life, and will help you make the choices you need to make to transform.
  • ​How when you truly believe that you have something to give to the world, you end up creating that very thing.
  • ​How permission starts with the relationships around you, but how you can give yourself permission to dream big.
  • What the true formula is for courage, and how you can develop a courageous life and lifestyle.
  • ​How you’re never “too far gone” in life, and how it may take just “checking the box” to figure out how to take steps toward your true potential.
Check Out What Others Are Already Saying About The New Book!
"Got through the first chapter - and immediately ordered more copies to give to friends and colleagues. Michael Dauphinee is a powerful storyteller and cuts through all the bull to get straight to the heart of the matter. I really appreciate the way he writes; it feels like a lot of what he has to say *should* be a "duh" to me, but his voice is one of a compassionate friend walking alongside me. He gets it, he's been there, and that makes it a whole lot easier to hear, digest, and (hopefully) start living the kind of extraordinary life that's possible." 
-  Cecily H
"“Every day we make choices that will choose for us later” Choose to stop making excuses, realize it is okay to allow yourself to be happy, learn who you are and what makes you happy, and give yourself permission and courage to work towards a better you. I have been inspired by Mike for years and this book is just another tool that gives me mental clarity for my life. If you are stressed at work or having problems in your life that you cannot identify the root cause, then read this book and be ready to start the life you were meant to live." 
-  Todd D
"Michael has been a friend and mentor for years. His outlook on life and business have helped me become not only better in my business but more importantly a better human. In a world looking for a 5 step program Extraordinary is a nice deviation focusing on knowing ourselves and using this knowlede to give us freedom to pursue our dreams. This is a must read." 
-  Nick C
"Extraordinary, is well written book on the power of knowing ones identity, and the benefits of living from the strengths-based approach. "People who understand their identity, move toward it, and are given opportunities to express it day to day live more emotionally engaged lives." Highly recommend!" 
-  Brandon M
And that’s jUST the first 120 pages..
You’ll also get a deep understanding on how courage and generosity help shape the direction of your life...and so much more!
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As I said before, this book is absolutely free. The only thing I ask for you to cover is the shipping and handling costs ($7.95 US or $14.95 international).

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This is not one of them.
There is no hidden ‘continuity program’ -- and just in case you’re wondering why I’m doing this for you…
I have a few reasons...
1. It’s my best way of thanking you and giving back to you as a loyal subscriber
2. Because for me this is all about helping as many individuals live extraordinary lives, and I wanted to put this book in your hands because I believe it contains some of my best insights on how to help you get there. 
3. Once you read about the “Extraordinary Framework” and realize how life-changing it is, you’ll likely get excited to get some of my other products I have to help you live an extraordinary life.
4. I want you to see the real me. Nothing held back, honest to God Mike. This is the best first step in you getting to know me and my experiences, how they’ve shaped my life, and how they can give you a glimpse into how these stories and experiences can change yours. 
  Time Is Of The Essence...
  Time Is Of The Essence...
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